Top Reasons for Vehicles to Catch a Fire:

Though not as common as house fire, car fire is not much of a rare sight anymore, and it always comes with serious collateral damage. In some cases, the loss of life. 
It has been a usual practice to keep a fire extinguisher at home, but that habit has not been extended to their vehicles, a place where motorists spend a fair amount of time on. 
Here are the top reasons for vehicles to catch a fire:
1. Car crash — Most car crumple zones have sheet metal to absorb the impact around dangerous areas such as the engine, fuel tank and battery, but a hard hit can still cause fluid leaks and spillage which entails fire.
2. Poor Maintenance — broken parts, leaky seals, or faulty wiring are strong contributing factors that cause a fire.
3. Wiring and battery failure — A standard battery's charging cycle can cause a buildup in the engine bay, and the electrical charges will produce sparks that can ignite leaked fluids. Also, electrical wiring runs throughout an entire car, and a fray wires are dangerous.
4. Engine Overheating — An overheat engine can make the internal fluids rise to dangerous temperatures and spill. When the spillage reaches other hot parts of the car, it will spark an ignition easily.
5. Fuel leaks — Car fluids are usually flammable and corrosive, especially petrol that has low combustion point that can be easily lighted with a cigarette. If the spillage touches hot metal parts, it would instantly cause a fast-spreading fire.
6. Catalytic converter overheating — Catalytic converter is a device that uses a catalyst to convert three harmful compounds in car exhaust into harmless compounds, and it’s very prone to overheating in the process. An overworked catalytic converter can easily reach 1,093.3°C, hot enough to make a metal glows.
7. Electric batteries — With the ongoing eco-friendly movement, more electrical batteries have been hitting the road. Even with an eco-friendly label, it’s still flammable like the conventional battery. A strong impact could cause the coolant in the battery to leak, and the leaking coolant could spark a blaze when it got in contact with the damaged battery.
Most of these fire started with just a spark, a spark that could ruins a person's life. While tragedy can’t be avoided most of the time, it can be mitigated, provided you have what you need when you need it. 
The worse place for a fire to happen is at a place where it’s least expected for the happening, and a small investment could be life changing.

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