The Revolutionary Fire Extinguisher

The revolutionary HYPREX fire extinguisher is portable, light-weight, maintenance-free and requires no training to operate. Plant extract nanoparticles ensure fire suppression in seconds. Suitable for nearly all categories of fire such as kitchen fires, electrical fires, vehicle fires, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How powerful is HYPREX?

Hyprex fire extinguisher's power is equivalent to 3kg of conventional dry chemical fire extinguisher. The average discharge time of Hyprex is 12-16 seconds and it is ample to extinguish fire. 

Is HYPREX difficult to clean up?

Hyprex mainly is made of natural plant extracts which is not toxic. After-use cleanup is virtually not needed as Hyprex does not cause any mess and foul smell.

Is HYPREX hard to operate?

Hyprex can be used by a wide age range of users as it implements a point and shoot concept. The light-weight fire extinguisher is extremely user friendly and it is able to be operated even by children or senior citizens.

Is HYPREX safe for vehicle storage?

HYPREX which uses advanced canning technology is safe to be stored under extreme heat in a vehicle. It is pressurized by non-flammable nitrogen gas. It is tested and certified by many countries' government body.