Class of Fire - Protecting People, Saving Lives

Fire or combustion is a type of chemical reaction which require oxygen, heat and fuel. This simple chemical reaction is hazardous as the smoke produced fatally damages human. Getting to know the classes of fire and ways of extinguishing may save your life.

Below shows the information of classes of fire:

Class A: This class is common in household which involves woods, papers, trash etc. It is usually defined as ordinary combustibles.

Types of Fire Extinguisher: Dry Powder, Water, Foam, Wet Chemical.

Class B: This class are associated with flammable liquids such as petrol, kerosene, turpentine, paint etc.

Types of Fire Extinguisher: Foam, Dry Powder, Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Class C: This class of fire requires flammable gases as fuel. Common flammable gases are Hydrogen, Butane or Methane. This class is usuallly associated with cooking gas.

Types of Fire Extinguisher: Dry Powder.

Class D: This class of fire involves combustible metals such as magnesium, aluminium or potassium.

Types of Fire Extinguisher: Dry Powder.

Class F: This class of fire involves cooking oil which require high temperate to start burning.

Types of Fire Extinguisher: Wet Chemical.

Dry powder fire extinguisher may be seen as an effective type of fire extinguishers to be placed at home. However, the dry powder fire extinguisher leaves behind fine residue which is unable to clean with water or by sweeping. This cleanup process requires professional cleaners service by diluting the residue with chemical. This tend to destroy the furniture and electrical appliances. The corrosive properties of dry chemical may bring harm to human and causes irritation upon contacting with skin. Accidentally inhaling the residue will bring harm to human too.

HYPREX rapid cooling nano technology fire extinguisher with nano plant extracts are recommended to be placed at home or vehicles as this revolutionary fire extinguisher is very effective against Class A & B. This AFFF fire extinguisher requires no cleanup and it is light-weight. The simple point-and-spray application which requires no training is ultra fast and easy to use.

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