Omniyo Services

To achieve the best results for application on large surface areas and or commercial settings, Omniyo recommends our commercial coating services which utilize electrostatic technology. An electrostatic sprayer is able to uniformly coat all surfaces including uneven surfaces like poles, porous materials, fences, carvings, etc.

Leveraging on our specially designed electrostatic sprayer that is powerful yet quiet, Omniyo can efficiently and effectively coat large surface areas rapidly and quietly, minimizing any disruptions to your business and leisure.

Omniyo's products undergo stringent testing by unaffiliated world-renowned third parties such as TÜV SÜD PSB Pte Ltd, Kyoto University and SGS among others. Our selection of test reports ranging from antimicrobial efficacy to UV protection is made readily available on our Downloads page.

Upon request, Omniyo would also be pleased to produce certifications and recommendation letters from other established organizations certifying the validity of our claims and establishing the efficacy of our product.

Before and after the completion of a commercial application, Omniyo also does testing for: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Indoor Bacteria Count Surface Mould Count