1) What is the type of HYPREX Fire Extinguisher ?
  • HYPREX is water-based incorporating a cutting edge patented rapid nano cooling technology and with aqueous film forming foam (AFFF). AFFF is a highly efficient type of fire suppressant agent, used by itself to attack flammable liquid pool fires.

2) What is the different between HYPREX and other fire extinguishers?

  • HYPREX fire extinguisher is 100% eco-friendly, it is non-toxic. It uses rapid cooling nano technology that puts out fires quickly
  • HYPREX do not need any maintenance, unlike conventional type.

3)Where can we put HYPREX?

  • HYPREX fire extinguisher can place in the house and vehicles, especially in Kitchen

4) Is it safe for vehicle storage?

  • HYPREX is safe for vehicles storage because it uses Swiss Canning Technology:
    • One piece aluminium canning, instead of normal steel canning with joint part.
    • Non Flammable propellant gas (Nitrogen) 
    • AFFF separately store  in a valve bag. (Does not mix with propellant gas)

5) Storage Temperature ?

  • Best storage temperature of HYPREX is 5 - 80 degree Celsius. 

6) What is the spray distance of HYPREX ?

  • It can spray out to 3 meter (approx)

7) What could be the potential usage of HYPREX fire extinguisher if the fire is beyond control?

  • HYPREX is 100% environmental friendly, it is safe to spray on body, clothes and hair for a protection during emergency escape.

8) What are the certificates and Test Report obtained by HYPREX?

  • LASTFIRE - "Large Atmospheric Storage Tank Fires" - a project or test protocol held by a consortium of international oil companies
  • Passed SGS SVHC (REACH) non-toxicity test.
  • UL162 Full Compliance certificate for AFFF used for fire extinguisher.
  • Worldwide Patented